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3 of the Strangest Materials Used in Jewelry Making

Traditionally, jewelry can be made out whatever you like – glass, wood, gems, even bones. Some people try to take this creativity to the next level, which is a good thing for the most part, until they start making jewelry with things like…

1) Teeth and Hair

One especially gifted jewelry artist known as Van Der Glas makes a very unique kind of jewelry, a kind of jewelry that simultaneously scares and amazes us. She makes earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, and instead of using normal things like gems and glass, she uses things like human teeth or hair.

It’s beautiful… in a horrifying kind of way.

(Source: Van Der Glas)


Some people take this creative jewelry thing to frightening heights, and Van Der Glas is one of those people. But, at least she isn’t make jewelry out of…

2) Breast Milk

A while ago a lady named Allicia Mogavero made her very own breast milk pendant. Sounds awful doesn’t it? Allicia believes that breastfeeding is sacred, and keeping a memento of that precious time is important. Or she just wants to make money by selling the most ridiculous thing she could come up with.

And by ridiculous we mean nauseating.

(Source: CTV News)

You would assume that this business model – making jewelry out of edible human juice – would fail miserably. But you would be wrong, Allicia gets around 20 new customers every day. Apparently, there are a lot of people who like breast milk more than we thought possible.

3) Cremated Ashes

This is by far the creepiest and most freighting way to make jewelry imaginable, and we are sorry that we have to tell you about it. See, there is this company called LifeGem, and they make gemstones out of cremated human ashes. We know what you are thinking, and we are thinking the same thing – It’s almost as if some ancient sorcerer made this company in order to add to his collection of human souls.


This is probably LifeGem’s mascot.

LifeGem has been operating for quite a while, so we can safely assume that there is either an underground society of dark wizards, or there actually are people out there who want their loved one’s remains configured into little gems for some reason.

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