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  • Beaden Originals

    Beaden Originals (14)

    Here you will find many wonderful creations, most of them original, put together by are amazing staff here at Beaden. Whether it's Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, or Anklets, we have a whole world of unique beautiful jewelry for you to choose from.
  • Delica Beads

    Delica Beads (36)

    Miyuki Delica Beads are cylinder-shaped Japanese glass seed beads that come in a tube shape and have flat ends. Miyuki Delicas are known to be extremely uniform and precise in shape. They have a thin wall and large hole in proportion to their size, which allows for more beading threads to pass through at the same time.
  • Hemp Balls and Spools

    Hemp Balls and Spools (2)

    Premium quality hemp cord from Hungary! Perfect for large hold beads. Made in Hungary.
  • Real Leaf Jewelry

    Real Leaf Jewelry (3)

    These peices of jewelry are made from real leaves that are plated in sterling silver, gold, or copper.
  • Rings

    Rings (30)

    Beaden sells many kinds of rings in Steel, Sterling silver, Pewter and wood.
  • Themes

    Themes (467)

    Looking to create a themed piece of jewelry? We've made it easier for you. Find all of the products that we sell sorted into different themes and categories. Can't find it? Get in touch with us - we'd love to help you out.
  • Charms & Pendants

    Charms & Pendants (312)

    When it comes to Pendants, Beaden has an amazing selection to choose from. We have collected one of the largest selections of pewter charms, hand carved charms and sterling silver charms, around over the past 20 years.
  • Hot Stuff

    Hot Stuff (3)

    Here you will find the hottest selling items that Beaden carries.
  • Beads

    Beads (61)

    Find all sorts of styles and colours of beads at Beaden
  • Organic earrings

    Organic earrings (89)

    Many styles of hand carved post earrings, stretchers and fake stretchers carved from different types of wood, bone, and horn.
  • Jewelry Chain

    Jewelry Chain (1)

    Many styles of our strong brass chain which are plated in silver, gold and copper.
  • Leather Bracelets

    Leather Bracelets (10)

    Beaden offers a wide variety of Leather cuffs and Bracelets.
  • Trollbeads

    Trollbeads (1201)

    Here you can order Trollbeads online.