Find all sorts of styles and colours of beads at Beaden

  • Fimo Beads

    Fimo Beads (14)

    These beads are hand crafted out of polymer clay.
  • Large Hole Beads For Hair.

    Large Hole Beads For Hair. (13)

    These large holed beads can be used in hair dreads.
  • Metal Beads

    Metal Beads (6)

    These beads are made from many different types of metals including mainly pewter, zinc alloy and Tibetan Silver.
  • Miracle Beads

    Miracle Beads (8)

    Miracle beads are plastic beads containing a Lucite core. They are finished in a glittery, mirrored silver plate which is then coated in multiple layers of lacquer. They give off a cool glowing effect when light passes through them. It almost looks like there is a hologram of another bead inside them.
  • Semi Precious Stone beads

    Semi Precious Stone beads (14)

    We have many kinds and shapes of semi precious stone beads.