Trollbeads – Ooak Bead – Oiler

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This bead has a grid of blue net on one side and copper drops surrounding the other. It reminds me of the hockey team that I cheer for.

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The ‘Ooak’ in Trollbead Ooak Bead stands for ‘One of A Kind’. These are authentic Trollbeads that are made from Trollbead artisans. They are unique creations that are not considered part of the main Trollbead Line, however they are quite popular because they are unique and collectable.

23 reviews for Trollbeads – Ooak Bead – Oiler

  1. Lawrence

    You Did it!!!

  2. Ksenija

    I think here is where the TB day bead pic is hiding 😀
    My favourite Trollbeads city bead is Shanghai dragon 🙂

  3. Linda Jo

    London Gentleman bead, please!

  4. Marianne

    The little Amsterdam house is my fave! (That tiny bike!!)

  5. Alice Pan

    Shanghai Dragon please!

  6. Tara Radzikowski

    Yay!! I love them all but the Rome bead is my favorite!

  7. Lori Chaput

    Shanghai Dragon bead

  8. Lori Chaput

    **e-mail correction
    Shanghai Dragon

  9. Annjolisa Hernaez Lee

    YAY!!!! London Gentleman!!! IT reminds me of my favorite surrealist artist Rene Magritte!

  10. Susan

    Not sure if this is a duplicate comment but I love the new London Gentleman City Bead! My partner is from England!

  11. Erin

    Shanghai dragon please!

  12. Shawn Alexander

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! I would like to win the Trollbeads Day bead. I just started collecting this year and think this would be a great bead to commemorate that.

  13. Michele Courtney

    Yay!!!! I love the apple for New York- where I once lived!!!!

  14. Amelia De Chiara

    Yes! For me…Hong Kong bead 😀

  15. Enrico Valentino

    yeah! Hong Kong bead

  16. daniela lanuzza

    Yesssss! Rome Colosseum is my favorite<3<3<3

  17. Katlin ward

    I am loving the Rome bead 😉 reminds me of my travels.

  18. Kathy ward

    My favourite soul city bead is Hong Kong voyager 🙂

  19. Ilaria Bettuzzi

    New York bead, please.
    New York New Yoooooork!

  20. Rosanne

    My favourite city bead is Shanghai Dragon

  21. Sherry Mucha

    Yay! love it – favorite city bead is Shanghai Dragon! Thank you 🙂

  22. Sharon Fahy

    My favorite city bead is “London Gentleman.”

  23. Karen Gal;

    This search was fun. My favorite city bead is the Shanghai Dragon! Thanks!

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